Breakout Sessions


Ever had to endure a boring meeting, energy-draining breakout session at a conference or training at work? How valuable is training if you promptly forget everything you learned? Your time with Danny will be well-spent, as he understands exactly the type of draining presentations you have had to endure in the past. Your group will be moving and laughing, and – in the process – learning, as Danny’s talks feature many of the same high-energy methods he used to electrify young students. Your experience is guaranteed to be “fun, meaningful and memorable.”

Whether you are a CEO trying to boost employee morale and effectiveness or an emerging leader looking to make your mark so that others take notice, Danny’s breakout sessions are known to have a lasting impact on you and your organization. You’ll find how learning, disguised as play, will have a dramatic effect on your long-term results.

“I was in awe of Danny. There were a few hundred people in the room…a great mixture of leaders in the fields of business, entertainment and education. I love the way he masterfully crafted his message in a way that left (attendees) with practical takeaways we could implement right away. I really loved the way he supported his much-needed message with credible and topical research. Not only did he motivate me, but Danny also gave me ideas and some solutions for my business that I never thought of.”

Kalani Vale, Former #1 Trainer for Tony Robbins and Financial Coach with $20 Million Under Management

It takes a special person to be a leader. Every day presents new challenges, and your attitudes and expectations shape your success. You and your group will delight how Danny’s fast-paced, humorous and motivational presentations illuminate how you can positively make a difference in the lives of your customers and colleagues. Your trials and tribulations as a communicative leader matter to Danny. His experiences teaching preschoolers to rocket scientists and leading large groups as an administrator humbled him and showed him the importance of fostering relationships with diverse personalities.

You will receive customized breakout sessions that range from 45-mins. to 2-day trainings, and they cover a diverse set of topics, from communications to team-building, goal-setting to building creative thinking skills. You want to grow your business, and Danny’s goal is to craft presentations that address all of your specific needs.


1. Proven Strategies for Success: Danny’s clients experience results both personally and professionally. His strategies have been proven through his own success with students of all ages, backed up with extensive research and supported by results achieved by his audiences.

2. Experienced Speaker (Makes Your Job Easier): Danny has delivered over 2,000 motivational presentations and seminars at conferences, meetings and other events worldwide. Today, Danny delivers over 100 requested motivational presentations a year.

3. Dynamic Speaker: Your audience will laugh, learn and be inspired!

4. Life-Transforming Message: Following the strategies Danny presents, one’s life can be changed forever. He has the unique ability to bring out the best in organizations and individuals.

5. Value: When you book Danny you get:
   Valuable Information (Your group will receive information that provides lasting value)
   Action Steps (Practical ideas that can be used immediately for improved results)
   Lasting Impact (Danny’s presentations focus on results that last a lifetime)
   Useful Strategies and Solutions (Relevant to your group’s challenges, needs and goals)
   Easy to Work with (Danny will be the easiest speaker you have ever had to work with)

“Danny has a tremendous amount of positive energy that permeates the audience. He really knows his material and has command of a huge quantity of information. So, when you go to hear him be ready to be alert, write quickly, laugh lots and leave brimming with new ideas. I highly recommend Danny as a top-notch speaker.”

Francie Yeager, Conference Planner, SDE