“If you need to HIT A HOME RUN selecting a speaker, then you need to CHOOSE DR. DANNY BRASSELL. His unique perspective is not only engaging and entertaining but educates in a way that translates into HIGH VALUE FOR YOUR AUDIENCE. Your audience will love the creative, high-energy way his stories communicate an important message, leaving everyone wanting for more. Choose Danny, and your audience will be the benefactor of A TRULY MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.”

–Richard L. Davis, CEO & President, Arbor Scientia Group

“Danny Brassell is an awesome speaker and individual! His level of energy and positivity is very contagious.  I’ve had him speak at multiple meetings and conferences over the course of 5 years.  Whether he was speaking to a group of 50 or an arena of over 5500 cheering fans, Danny inspired audiences with his highly engaging and informative message.   But above all, he always has the audience laughing and wanting more.  He is not a prima donna when it comes to working out event details and truly understands and appreciates the little things that make customers feel great.  My customers always rave about Danny and can’t stop thanking me for bringing him to them!  Bottom line, Danny is the MAN!”   

–Fernando Perez, Top Sales Consultant, TCM-Shell

“Danny has a tremendous amount of positive energy that permeates the audience. He really knows his material and has command of a huge quantity of information. So, when you go to hear him be ready to be alert, write quickly, laugh lots and leave brimming with new ideas. I highly recommend Danny as a top-notch speaker.”

–Francie Yeager, Conference Planner, SDE

“I’ve put on over 200 events, and if you want a speaker who will WOW your audience, then you have to hire Danny Brassell. I’ve had Danny speak a few times at my events…my audience loved him! YOUR AUDIENCE WILL LOVE HIM! If you want your audience to walk out and be EMPOWERED to BE MORE, DO MORE and ACCOMPLISH MORE, then you have to book Danny. You’ll be grateful you did.”

–James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s hit TV show Secret Millionaire

“As an ‘Ex-Disney Guy,’ I evaluate businesses and organizations to show them how to create, reinvent or strengthen their customer experience and create a Disney-like culture to attract and keep more customers. If you are looking for a ‘magical’ experience for your event, Danny Brassell is one of the most dynamic and amazing speakers you will ever hear. Thank you Danny for an incredible presentation and inspiring message. It is an absolute must for any leader or business team wanting to separate themselves from the rest and the missing link we need to create a magical working team environment to succeed and compete in this highly competitive business world. I can’t wait to share it with ALL of my clients. Don’t hesitate. Book him NOW!”

–John Formica, “America’s Customer Experience Coach”

“I had the wonderful experience of hearing Dr. Brassell speak before a crowd of Beverly Hills business leaders, and he was not only able
to hit his target message but he was successful in bringing back the child in all of us.”

–Bryan Monfort, Vice President of Operations, Lawry’s Restaurants

“(Danny) will educate and inspire you into a life of reading and personal growth.”

–Brian Tracy, Author & Legendary Speaker

“For those people who desire to move forward in life, to grow and to expand, Danny shows the power of how reading transforms a wish into an achievement. Danny has the strength of a storyteller who entertains while weaving an educational message throughout each talk. Invite Danny to coach you from your dreams to a new reality.”

–Sherry M. Winn, NCAA National Championship Women’s Basketball Coach

“Leadership in every sector can benefit from hearing Danny, as he dynamically and with humor provides so many examples of how leaders apply their perspectives and experiences in diverse environments. His skill in linking the lessons learned by children and the ability to apply those (lessons) in leadership roles is exceptional.”

–Lila M. Larson, Former National Leadership Development Consultant, IBM Global Services – Canada

“Danny aspires to bring the best out of an individual by using his charismatic enthusiasm, humor and motivational skills. It was evident that our employees walked away inspired and were eager for more Danny.”

–Daniela Sabo, Human Resources Coordinator, AEG – STAPLES Center and NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE

“I highly recommend Danny Brassell. He is a very insightful professional. He is enthusiastic about his work and it comes across in the joy and sensitivity he exudes. Danny offers a compassionate view of his work and is constantly working to improve and master his craft. He connects with his audience on a personal level. I enjoyed working with Danny and will do so again.”

–John Seeley, M.A., Owner, Blue Moon Wonders

“Impactful! From the top business leader to the essential hourly employee, Dr. Danny Brassell unveils an easy, memorable pathway to achievement.”

–Elizabeth McCormick, Former U.S. Army Blackhawk Pilot

“Let Danny be your coach, and he will show you that not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. He will make you laugh, cry and think – sometimes within the same sentence.”

–Jaymin J. Patel, Consultant & Fortune 500 Advisor

“I was in awe of Danny. There were a few hundred people in the room…a great mixture of leaders in the fields of business, entertainment and education. I love the way he masterfully crafted his message in a way that left (attendees) with practical takeaways we could implement right away. I really loved the way he supported his much-needed message with credible and topical research. Not only did he motivate me, but Danny also gave me ideas and some solutions for my business that I never thought of.”

–Kalani Vale, Former #1 Trainer for Tony Robbins and Financial Coach with $20 Million Under Management

“Danny Brassell is a top-notch leadership and business speaker. He takes leaders to the next level and beyond. His strategies inspire leaders to achieve extraordinary results! Above all, Danny is a man of integrity and a true example of a real leader.”

–Matt Jones, Founder of the R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy

“Danny’s goal is to inspire others to make a difference themselves, and he was able to elicit from us our unique story so that we could motivate others. He made it so easy to share the details of our inspiration, bumps on the road and successes. He is the perfect role model himself!”

–Jacqueline Caster, President and Founder, Everychild Foundation

“Danny’s strategies are a dynamic package! He brilliantly connects with all audiences at every level. There is no one I would rather see in front of an audience.”

–Greg O’Donnell, America’s Leading Authority on Guaranteed Lending

“From start-up entrepreneurs to the world’s most powerful CEOs, Danny can and will teach anyone how to be successful and much happier doing what they love to do.”

–Kevin Knight, President, Liberty Management

“Danny Brassell shows you the strategies of successful people in a highly engaging and informative fashion. Invest in yourself and the folks you care about with Danny’s (program). You’ll be glad you did.”

–Cindy McLane, Founder, www.TranscribeYourBook.com

”Danny captured the attention of 350…I received a number of compliments on his engaging, energetic and humorous presentation. He would be a real asset to any program or event that you may have planned.”

–Chuck Anderson, C.P.A.

“Danny is an amazing presenter! His take and approach to creating a positive learning environment is applicable to all…He truly motivated my staff to make a difference.”

–Erikk Aldridge, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Venice

“I love what Danny Brassell does. He teaches us how to instill a passion and a skill…in a way that is both entertaining and compelling. His talks are funny, polished and engaging. Hire him. Apply what he teaches.”

–Lia Grimanis, named one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women

“I felt very much engaged through Danny’s entire presentation. It was entertaining, rewarding and educational.”

–Barouch Chai, President/CEO, Microcomputer Science Centre Inc.

“Danny is a purely awesome unstoppable positive force of nature! We need more people like him in the world, and it makes me smile knowing that there are so many who get to learn from him.”

–Wayne Logue, Creator, Wordtoons

“Danny is a polished speaker, but most importantly his heart shines through in his work. His genuine efforts to make a positive difference in people’s lives is obvious. Danny is a class act, and I enthusiastically recommend his work!”

–Pamela Haack, Founder, The Italy Retreat for Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

“Danny Brassell is a cross between Jim Carrey and Robin Williams…If you don’t walk away from his (keynote) with ideas you can use tomorrow, you were unconscious during the presentation.”

–Nancy Bebrin, Instructional Leader, ESL

“Danny’s tips, told in his hilarious and engaging style, captivated our audiences. He is insightful and inspirational!”

–Michelle Kahen, Associate Director, KOREH L.A.

“Danny Brassell is not only a dynamic speaker he is a little bit of eye candy for the group! Seriously, I would suggest Danny to any group who is looking for someone who can capture an audience with knowledge, charm, and humor. Book him if you can.”

–Lisa D’Angelo, Executive Director, Westchester Family YMCA

“In the past 40 years I have been interviewed by many companies around the world with my seminar company, and Danny Brassell is the best. He listens to the person whom he is interviewing with great warmth and understanding and can ask just the right questions to help the audience like and enjoy the person being interviewed. This is a gift.”

–Joyce Turley, Founder, Dimensional Reading Inc.

“Dr. Danny Brassell lives the ideal that ‘learning is fun.’ It was a privilege to work with him and especially to learn from him all these years. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Danny Brassell as a dynamic speaker to empower people and organizations to make the world a fun place to learn.”

–Tarry Kang, Development Manager, MEND

“If you only use 10 of the 50 ways Danny explains you will be a much better leader.”

–Darren W. Johnson, President & Founder, Darren W. Johnson Productions + The Event U

“After meeting Danny it is hard not to be excited about your goals.”

–Terri Hardin, Artist and Imagineer, The Walt Disney Company

“A goldmine of nuggets, each one pointing to a mother lode of more knowledge. A great resource for anyone looking for good, useful information on a large variety of topics. Danny will also help you build your library as he points you to books that go more in depth on each topic.”

–Michael V. Fowler, President, Foundation for the Next Generation

“Dr. Danny Brassell turns the highest principles of leadership into simple, universal truths that are easy to understand and easy to implement…ideal for leaders looking to transform their organizations, their relationships, and their life.”

–Alex Kajitani, California Teacher of the Year